What Is a Linear Responsibility Chart?

Answer A linear responsibility chart (LRC), otherwise known as a responsibility assignment matrix (RAM), is a special type of matrix used in project management. The rows of the matrix list the activities ... Read More »

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How to Chart Linear Equations With Fractions?

One of the first steps, in creating a graph of an equation, is creating a chart of the x-values versus the y-values. This step applies to equations with fractions, such as y = 2x/3 + 3/4, as well a... Read More »

How to Make a Growth Chart Using a Linear Graph?

A linear graph often is used to display the relationship between two variables. Since the line graphed must be straight by definition, the function, or equation, must be in linear form. Using an x ... Read More »

How to Solve Linear & Non-Linear Equations Then Determine if They Are Linear or Not?

Solving equations, whether linear or nonlinear, is a matter of isolating x on one side of the equation, and numerical coefficients on the other. Specific methods for doing so will vary among equati... Read More »

How to Construct an Electromagnetic Linear Accelerator (Linear Homopolar) or Rail Gun?

With a name like "rail gun" images of Arnold Schwarzenegger, with an insanely big gun, blasting away the baddies are inspired. In reality, the U.S. Military is currently funding a project to develo... Read More »