What Is a Light Spectrum?

Answer Visible light is only part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which also includes ultraviolet light, infrared, radios, X-rays and microwaves. The electromagnetic spectrum is a description of energy t... Read More »

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Light Spectrum Frequencies?

Light is one kind of electromagnetic wave, meaning that it is one of the fundamental interactions in nature that occurs between electrically charged particles. We can measure both the size and repe... Read More »

What Is the Spectrum of Visible Light?

Visible light is the composition of light that we detect with our eyes. Even though this light is a kind of wave, it manifests itself to us as colors. This makes it easy to visualize, but the prope... Read More »

What Is the Spectrum of White Light?

Artists use colors for expression, workers use colors as a tool in color-coding, and designers use colors to sell clothing. The white light spectrum is a part of the world of anyone who has vision.... Read More »

What is full spectrum light?

Full-spectrum lighting creates light similar to natural sunlight in your home and office. Products used to achieve this effect include bulbs, fluorescent tubes, light therapy lamps and dawn simulat... Read More »