What Is a Legal Arrest?

Answer For an arrest to be legal in the U.S., it must comply with the requirements of the 4th amendment to the Constitution. Arrests that do not meet constitutional requirements can be invalidated.What is... Read More »

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What Constitutes a Legal Arrest?

There may seem to be a right way to execute an arrest and a wrong way to execute an arrest, but there are actually a few different ways a legal arrest can be carried out. For an arrest to be legal,... Read More »

Legal Definition of Arrest?

While most people think of an arrest as the police handcuffing you and taking you to jail, the legal definition of arrest is broader. The Fourth Amendment in the Constitution governs arrests, and w... Read More »

When is it legal to make a citizen's arrest?

Citizen's arrests are legal in states and municipalities that have laws allowing such arrests, according to Cornell University Law School. In general, the law limits the circumstances under which p... Read More »

Differences Between Arrest With and Arrest Without a Warrant?

The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution provides for general rights that aim to protect individuals from exposure to unreasonable arrests, searches or seizures by police offers or other government... Read More »