What Is a Left-hand Drill Bit?

Answer Most common drill bits are of the twist bit variety and are so called because the flutes on the bit twist around and up the bit. Typical twist drill bits have flutes that twist to the right in a cl... Read More »

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What is a left hand drill set?

A left handed drill set is one in which the drill bit's flutes are running in a left handed helix around the bit rather than the typical right handed helix on standard drill bits. Left handed drill... Read More »

What is wrong with Morgan Freeman's left hand. Saw him on the Jay Leno show and he did not use his left hand. Looked like there was a glove on it?

His hand was paralyzed in a car accident in 2008. Surgery to correct the paralysis has failed. The glove is to keep the swelling down.

What is a hand drill?

A drill is a tool that turns sharp pointed bits that cut holes in hard materials such as wood or metal. A hand drill can be either a hand-operated drill with a crank, or a hand-held power drill tha... Read More »

My left hand typing is fast my right hand is really dumb and slow?