What Is a Latex Bed?

Answer Everyone wants a good night's sleep, and the right mattress can make all the difference in the world. Many types of mattresses are available, but the latex mattress not only offers sweet dreams; it... Read More »

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Can I paint latex over acrylic latex enamel?

It's not a good idea to paint over acrylic latex enamel paint with regular latex paint. While the two paints are similar, the acrylic has an additive that makes it more flexible and less likely to ... Read More »

Can you paint latex flat over latex enamel?

You can apply flat latex paint over a latex enamel if you know the proper preparation techniques to employ. Because latex enamel dries slick, it is not conducive to paint adhesion. Abrade the ename... Read More »

How much latex is in latex paint?

Natural rubber latex is no longer added to latex paint. Latex paint is generally made from synthetic polymers that are more durable than natural latex and will not yellow with age or degrade when e... Read More »

Can x-ray glasses see through latex?

Many fabrics are made to allow UV rays to penetrate as a way to eliminate tan lines. Many swimsuits, silks and synthetic fabrics allow x-ray glasses to see through them as well. Latex is a syntheti... Read More »