What Is a Labret Pincher?

Answer A labret piercing is a centered hole placed in the skin between the lower lip and chin. Proper jewelry for a labret piercing after healing can include a flat-back labret stud, a fishtail, a captive... Read More »

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Changing labret stud to ring pain/labret stud length?

is it the same kind of metal as ur stud? if not u could be allergic.. i guess not tho or maybe ur ring is too small? it probably is because of the shape of it to be honest i mean imagine the stud, ... Read More »

Okay so I have a pincher bug problem!! Help?

Do not do as the other poster said. You do not need an exterminator. Earwigs or as you call them pincher bugs don't live in your house. They live outside and just wander in looking for leaves or ot... Read More »

How do I care for a purple pincher hermit crab?

EnvironmentPut the purple pincher hermit crab in a 10-gallon tank with sand and an under-tank heater. A purple pincher hermit crab is a land crab, and needs an appropriate land setup. Provide bowls... Read More »

How to Care for a Hermit Crab (Purple Pincher)?

This is how to take care of a purple pincher hermit crab.