What Is a Labradoodle Puppy?

Answer Labradoodles are hybrid dogs that combine the breeds of Labrador retriever and poodle. Labradoodles are specifically bred for their intelligence and nonshedding fur. Labradoodles are also very spri... Read More »

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What is a Labradoodle dog?

A Labradoodle is a mixed-breed dog first created in 1989 from a combination of a Labrador retriever and a standard or miniature poodle. This mix was bred to produce a dog with the low-shedding coat... Read More »

How Do You Cut a Labradoodle's Hair?

Labradoodles are a mix between a Labradore Retreiver and a Poodle. They shed very little, which make them an ideal dog for owners with allergies. While there are American Labradoodles and Australia... Read More »

Is the labradoodle an akc dog breed?

The Labradoodle is a so called "designer" breed because of its crossed Labrador and Poodle heritage. The Labradoodle is not currently a recognized breed in the American Kennel Club and many doubt t... Read More »

Trimming a Labradoodle's Beard?

When groomed, a labradoodle -- a cross between a Labrador retriever and a poodle -- should have a neat cut that allows the fur to fall naturally. The beard-like hair of the muzzle, which all male l... Read More »