What Is a Hex Wrench?

Answer A hex wrench is a mechanic's tool used for loosening and tightening fasteners. The wrench is a bar of metal formed with a hexagonal (six-sided) cross-section of a precise size. The end of the wrenc... Read More »

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What is a tap wrench?

Tap wrenches help users twist a metal thread-carver called a tap into a hole without applying uneven pressure and breaking the tap off inside the defines a tap wrench as... Read More »

What is a chain wrench?

A chain wrench takes the place of a bulky pipe wrench when the location is tightly enclosed. Chain wrenches, which have a tighter grip than standard wrenches, grab and turn slippery pipes with ease... Read More »

What is a ratchet wrench?

A ratchet wrench, also known as simply a "ratchet" or a "socket wrench," utilizes an internal ratcheting mechanism that allows the wrench to be spun freely in the direction opposite of intended for... Read More »

What Is a Filter Wrench?

A filter wrench is a specialized tool used to remove oil filters. Oil filters are typically cylindrical and can be difficult to remove by hand. Several types of filter wrenches exist for use in dif... Read More »