What Is a Hemlock Tree?

Answer The hemlock tree is a forest species of evergreens found across the United States. It is a spruce tree of the genus Tsuga and there are three main types. The Western Hemlock is Washington's state t... Read More »

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How to Transplant & Care for a Hemlock Tree?

Hemlock trees are tall and graceful evergreens that are hardy in most climates and take well to being transplanted. Grown in large groups, they are the perfect screen for privacy and harsh sunlight... Read More »

Canadian Hemlock Tree & Its Healing Properties?

The Canadian hemlock tree is a member of the evergreen family. Its ability to prosper in cold climates and virtually any degree of shade means it can grow to large heights and exude a healthy look.... Read More »

What is the substance that Olivia Godfrey puts in her eye in Hemlock Grove?

I am on epi 4 and it's been driving me crazy too! I have searched everything possible and the only thing I came up with was that it is actually hemlock. It is poisonous to humans and can cause dea... Read More »

What was the last couple songs on Hemlock Grove Episode 13 right when they were driving away in the car?

The song is Sister Song by Perfume Genius...enjoy!