What Is a Heat Sink for a CPU?

Answer CPUs become extremely hot when in use, as they contain millions of transistors switching at extremely high frequencies, generating large amounts of heat. If CPUs were not cooled, they would quickly... Read More »

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What Is a Heat Sink on a CPU & How Do You Install It?

Much like a car's engine requires a cooling system to function properly, a computer's central processing unit needs cooling for reliable performance. A heat sink, placed directly atop the CPU, help... Read More »

How to Fix Heat Sink Errors?

The heat sink on your computer's processor is designed to pull heat away from the chip, dispersing it into the air within your computer's case. This keeps your processor from overheating, ensuring ... Read More »

How to Replace a Heat Sink & CPU Fan on a ThinkPad T30?

CPU (Central Processing Unit) chips are commonly known to overheat. It's for this reason that every CPU comes with its own cooling system that includes a cooling fan and heat sink device. The heat ... Read More »

The heat sink paste or thermal grease?… are some examples of what you are looking for.