What Is a Hair Growth Plant?

Answer On average, hair grows roughly six inches a year or 1/2 inch a month. Whether you're incurring hair loss or you want to speed up this process, choosing to use plants or herbs for hair growth is a v... Read More »

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Which hair oil is better for hair growth Dr miracle growth oil, wild growth hair oil or doo growth hair oil?

From experience, wild growth oil worked the best for me along with me taking care of my hair. That's good that you're taking vitamins as well. I used to take biotin but now I'm taking Hairfinity pi... Read More »

Is plant growth affected if the plant is grown by hot or cold water?

Using hot water or cold water can shock the roots and damage your plant. If the temperature is extreme, it can even kill the plant. To avoid such an effect, you should use water that is room temper... Read More »

Does oil affect plant growth?

oil will prevent proper growth of the root system which will stop plant growth and may even kill it. It will also poison the plant. As well as contaminating the plant by adding harmful chemicals th... Read More »

How to increase plant growth?

I use miracle grow on everything once when I plant the items and once is usually enough. Seems to give the plant a jump start in life and they grow big and healthy.