What Is a Gouldian Finch?

Answer The Gouldian finch (Chloebia gouldiae) is a vividly-colored bird native to Australia, found in three varieties: red, black, and yellow-headed. It was first described by British naturalist John Goul... Read More »

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What does the Gouldian finch eat?

In the wild, the Gouldian finch (Chloebia gouldiae) eats grass seeds, spiders and insects. Insects commonly consumed by the Goulidan finch include flies, beetles, termites and flying ants. Caged Go... Read More »

Symptoms of Disease in Gouldian Finches?

Gouldian finches make great pets. They are irresistibly cute and beautiful creatures. However, if your Gouldian finch should succumb to disease, you must know the symptoms for each specific disease... Read More »

Can I keep gouldian finches in an outdoor aviary in south Florida zone 10?

Gouldian finches originate from northern Australia and have adapted to a hot climate. They thrive in warm climates elsewhere such as in Florida. They also need high humidity according to the author... Read More »

What Can Finch Birds Eat?

Finches are song birds living primarily in the Northern Hemisphere, although some subspecies live below the Equator. Finches are classified as passerine, or perching, birds of the Fringillidae fami... Read More »