What Is a Good Way to Make Your Hair Wavy?

Answer Pin-straight hair can be a bore and sometimes you just want to let loose and have more playful hair. Nothing is sexier than soft waves to frame the face for a more sultry and feminine look. Getting... Read More »

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How to Make Naturally Wavy Hair Look Good?

Wavy hair is often called "beach hair" because loose, soft waves are considered to be a relaxed summertime look. Women with naturally wavy hair sometimes have difficulty figuring out the best style... Read More »

How to Make Your Hair Wavy?

Want to bring some life into your flat, lifeless hair? Here's how to get subtle, glamorous waves.

How do you make your hair so wavy?

put olive oil hair lotion after you come out of the shower, put four braids in your hair. When you wake up take them out and hairspray!! (:

How to Make Your Hair Dry and Wavy?

You can use the tried and proven method to achieve dry and wavy hair---rollers or a hot air brush. But there is a simpler way to this look; it is called scrunching. Scrunching may come and go with ... Read More »