What Is a Good Price-Earnings Ratio?

Answer Price-earnings ratio, or P/E ratio, is a widely used measure for evaluating stock prices. P/E ratios can vary extensively from company to company, in different industries and over time. While a sto... Read More »

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How to Determine Average List Price to Sale Price Ratio?

The average list-to-sale price ratio, expressed as a percentage, is the ratio of the average listing price to the average selling price of residential properties in a period. Depending on condition... Read More »

How to Track the Price Ratio of Silver to Gold?

Knowing the ratio of the price of silver compared to gold is a crucial piece of information that can help you determine which one of these precious metals to invest in. Each day the price of silver... Read More »

How efficient is DVI to HDMI convertor What is its price and what is the price of good quality HDMI cables?

efficiency is irrelevant. It is digital. It will either work or it won't. sells $3 adapters to convert dvi to hdmi. Then just use an hdmi cable. They also sell a cable that goes dvi->... Read More »

What Is a Good Ratio for LCD TV?

When your Toshiba laptop breaks, it makes the most sense to replace it. This is especially true once you consider the cost of replacing an LCD screen versus buying a new laptop. You can purchase r... Read More »