What Is a Good Air Compressor for Working on Cars?

Answer An air compressor is a valuable time-saving tool for working on cars. Choosing a good air compressor for your home auto shop requires that you pay attention to the performance levels and versatilit... Read More »

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How to Check if a Car Compressor is Working?

If your car's air conditioning/heating system does not seem to be working properly, there could be a few different reasons. Though air conditioning systems are not the most complex part of an autom... Read More »

The AC Quit Working in My 1994 GMC After the Compressor Clicked On & Off Repeatedly?

The air-conditioning in a 1994 GMC has many different components to maintain proper operation. The main component of the air-conditioning system is the compressor. A common problem in air-condition... Read More »

What is considered a good efficiency number of an air compressor?

The efficiency of an air conditioning compressor unit is measured by its seasonal energy efficiency ratio number. A higher number means it's more efficient. Compressor units are available between 1... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between a Regular AC Compressor & an OEM Compressor?

The difference between a regular compressor and an OEM compressor lies in the manufacturer of the part. A "regular" compressor could be made by any manufacturer while an OEM compressor (or any othe... Read More »