What Is a Genista Caterpillar?

Answer The genista caterpillar, also known as the sophora worm or Uresiphita reversalis (Guenèe), feeds on several landscaping trees and shrubs. A web building caterpillar, the genista forms a cocoon and... Read More »

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What Caterpillar Feeds on Oak Leaves?

For several species of caterpillar, the leaves and branches of an oak tree are home. Eventually maturing into moths, caterpillars claim a variety of different colors and sometimes build unique stru... Read More »

What Are The Features of an American Lady Caterpillar?

The American lady caterpillar is found throughout North America, Hawaii, southern Canada, Europe, parts of South America and the Caribbean islands. It lives and feeds on burdock, wormwood, ironwood... Read More »

What Do Caterpillar Cocoons Look Like?

Moth caterpillars or larvae produce thread from their silk glands. They spin a protective cocoon that shelters them during metamorphosis as they transform from a pupa to a moth. Some cocoons includ... Read More »

What would win in a tug of war, A locomotive (ex.GE EVOLUTION) or a big dump truck (ex.CATERPILLAR 797)?

I would wager all I have on the locomotive. Though the big dump is also diesel electric, it comes down to tractive effort, where the four wheeled behemoth is totally out-classed. In this instance... Read More »