What Is a Gas Tank Module Assembly?

Answer Fuel tanks have built-in mechanisms to control the flow of gas and gas vapors into the engine. One such assembly is the fuel module assembly, which helps prevent vapors from escaping into the atmos... Read More »

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Can u use a small propane tank as a paintball tank?

You could if you know what the right pressure for paintball is, and you can control the output pressure from the tank. Don't attempt it unless you are certain you can do it safely.

Can a Zoo Med under tank heater be used without being attached to the tank?

A Zoo Med under tank heater must attach to either the side or bottom of a terrarium tank for heat transfer. Peel off the adhesive paper and stick the heater on the terrarium. Gently rub the heater ... Read More »

How to Fill a Gas Tank at Half Tank?

With gas prices fluctuating---and sometimes skyrocketing---these days, it's hard to know when prices will be reasonable. When gas prices are high, filling up your tank halfway allows you to get aro... Read More »

What is a Bluetooth module?

A Bluetooth module is a piece of electronic circuitry often included in cell phones, PDAs, laptop computers and similar devices. The module enables wireless data transfer. Bluetooth has almost comp... Read More »