What Is a Gas Tank Module Assembly?

Answer Fuel tanks have built-in mechanisms to control the flow of gas and gas vapors into the engine. One such assembly is the fuel module assembly, which helps prevent vapors from escaping into the atmos... Read More »

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What Is a Control Module?

The 2011 car market is one dominated by models equipped with engine computers. One of the most critical components of these engine systems is the control module. Problems with the module can presen... Read More »

What is a Bluetooth module?

A Bluetooth module is a piece of electronic circuitry often included in cell phones, PDAs, laptop computers and similar devices. The module enables wireless data transfer. Bluetooth has almost comp... Read More »

What is a solar module?

A solar module is a multi-layered composite of silicon, glass and an electronic contact. Solar modules are part of the alternative energy industry. Efficiency in manufacturing and converting sunlig... Read More »

What is a memory module?

A memory module, also known as a RAM module, RAM stick or simply RAM, is a single physical unit of random access memory (RAM); many computers have more than one memory module installed.FunctionA me... Read More »