What Is a Gaff Flagpole?

Answer Flagpoles provide a sturdy structure for flying a country's ensign, or flag. A flag's purpose is for identifying the nationality and loyalty of a particular region. Specifically, gaff flagpoles are... Read More »

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How to Wear a Gaff?

When dressing as a woman, a man has to be careful not to reveal himself as a man. This is especially difficult if you want to wear tight clothing. This is where a gaff comes in. It helps to flatten... Read More »

What does super gaff mean?

A super gaff is an extreme social error or misjudgment. The word "gaff" also has an English spelling of "gaffe." Gaffs can be seen as either embarrassing or humorous for those who are involved. Pre... Read More »

How to Make and Use a Keyhole Gaff?

Sometimes when you are fishing from a high place and a net or gaff cannot reach the fish, use this device. It is used to land big fish by snagging the swivel. Easy to make and carry, the device als... Read More »

Giff gaff phone bill for text?

The text message itself, like a voice conversation or even a visit to a web page is not recorded.onlyWhich number you called / texted TOand how much data you used (whatever the reason, email, web, ... Read More »