What Is a GM-LAN Transponder?

Answer The General Motors Local Area Network, GMLAN, is a system that allows different electronic control units, ECUs, in a General Motors vehicle to communicate amongst each other. GMLAN transponders al... Read More »

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What is a satellite transponder?

A satellite transponder is an automated communications tool that receives, processes, amplifies and retransmits a signal. All transponders have frequency converters, which allow them to transmit si... Read More »

What are transponder keys?

Transponder keys are ignition keys that contain tiny receivers used to send and receive signals. Transponder keys contain a unique code that start the ignition and help make automobiles more theft ... Read More »

What transponder is Setanta on?

The Setanta satellite TV service has ceased broadcasting to the United States, but Fox Soccer Channel and Fox Soccer Plus now carry most of its programming. There are 25 different transponders carr... Read More »

What Is a Transponder in Reference to Satellites?

The word "transponder" pictures the two principal actions that the device executes: transmitting and responding. It can transmit messages in response to incoming radio signals. Satellites employ t... Read More »