What Is a Fouled Sparkplug?

Answer Reading a spark plug is the mechanic's equivalent to reading tea leaves -- or, if you're really feeling Old Testament about it, goat entrails. The latter analogy is probably the most apt, since pul... Read More »

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Main difference from a regular sparkplug and a iridium sparkplug?

What Are the Effects of a Fouled Fuel Filter?

The fuel filter is an essential part of any automotive engine. It removes the impurities and solids from the gasoline or diesel fuel before the fuel is passed through the tiny openings of the fuel ... Read More »

What Are the Causes of Fouled Spark Plugs on a Honda 400EX?

Spark plugs foul when something interferes with or blocks the firing process. This normally occurs when a foreign substance saturates or clogs the firing end of the spark plug, causing a short or m... Read More »

How to Change Sparkplug Wires?

A vehicle's spark plug wire receives high voltage electricity from the coil (or coil pack) and transfers the voltage to the spark plug, where the plug ignites to produce internal combustion for the... Read More »