What Is a Fouled Sparkplug?

Answer Reading a spark plug is the mechanic's equivalent to reading tea leaves -- or, if you're really feeling Old Testament about it, goat entrails. The latter analogy is probably the most apt, since pul... Read More »

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Main difference from a regular sparkplug and a iridium sparkplug?

How to Change a Sparkplug on a CBR 125 Motorcycle?

Changing plugs on a motorcycle is good yearly maintenance. It's easy enough to do yourself, follow along with your owner's manual and these steps and pictures.

How to Check Sparkplug Firing?

Spark plugs are needed in order for any combustion engine to work. If a spark plug or plugs in a vehicle are not working properly, the engine will not perform like it should or at all. Checking to ... Read More »

How to Remove a Broken Sparkplug?

An engine's ignition system requires a spark to ignite the fuel used to move the pistons within the engine block. A spark plug provides this function for all gasoline engines, whereas a glow plug i... Read More »