What Is a Flywheel?

Answer There are a lot of spinning parts in an engine, but one of the crucial items for helping to produce electricity is the flywheel. In some engines it's simply a spinning drum; in others it has fins t... Read More »

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What to Do for a Noisy Flywheel?

Noisy flywheels can become a nuisance to drivers during their everyday commute. It can become necessary to do something about the noise. However, finding the problem of what is wrong with your flyw... Read More »

What is a flywheel used for?

The momentum of the flywheel spinning on its shaft regulates the speed of an engine and any other connected machinery. In a lawnmower, it keeps the engine running smoothly when it surges to cut thr... Read More »

What is the purpose of a flywheel in a car?

As defined by Webster's, a flywheel is a mechanical device used to store rotational inertia. All engines have some sort of flywheel device, which is crucial to smooth operation and easy starting.W... Read More »

What is an engine flywheel?

The purpose of an engine flywheel is to help maintain engine balance, keeping the combustion pulses of an engine from creating a regular vibration, according to a summary of automobile engines at t... Read More »