What Is a Flywheel?

Answer There are a lot of spinning parts in an engine, but one of the crucial items for helping to produce electricity is the flywheel. In some engines it's simply a spinning drum; in others it has fins t... Read More »

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What is a flywheel used for?

The momentum of the flywheel spinning on its shaft regulates the speed of an engine and any other connected machinery. In a lawnmower, it keeps the engine running smoothly when it surges to cut thr... Read More »

Bad Flywheel Symptoms?

Clutches are complex mechanisms and can fail in any number of ways. The most difficult part about troubleshooting clutch problems is that several different types of failure can manifest similar sym... Read More »

How to Remove a Flywheel?

The flywheel is a round disc that helps to balance out the power being produced by the linear motion of the pistons in the combustion chamber. It also provides momentum to keep the engine from sta... Read More »

How to Remove the Flywheel on a ZRT?

The flywheel of your Chevrolet ZRT is a mechanical component of the engine that is connected to the transmission. The flywheel keeps the momentum of your ZRT's engine going so that it does not stop... Read More »