What Is a Flange in Sewing?

Answer A flange is a decorative flap of material added to the body of the sewing project. It is most often used to add extra length and width to a decorative sofa or bed pillow, but a flange can be applie... Read More »

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I need to replace my toilet flange. how do you get a glued on flange off without damaging the actual pipe?

you can't cut the pipe back use a cuppler and come off of thatThere is a tool that will cut the old flange off that will not damage the pipe. It is brand new to the market and is available through ... Read More »

What sewing needle should I use on the sewing machine with 100 percent polyester?

When sewing 100 percent woven polyester fabric, use a universal-type needle in a size appropriate for the weight of your fabric. When sewing on a 100 percent polyester knit fabric, use a ballpoint... Read More »

What Is a Tile Flange?

A tile flange is used on the outer, upper rim of a hot tub, jacuzzi, shower or bathtub to prevent water from spilling over the side and onto the floor or against a wall. Does this S... Read More »

What is an AWWA flange?

In plumbing, flanges are lips or ribs that attach to pipes to strengthen them. AWWA flanges follow specifications from the AWWA, the American Water Works Association. These specifications cover fla... Read More »