What Is a Drive Shaft?

Answer A drive shaft is an elongated round shaft, usually made of steel, that runs from the engine to gears that turn the wheels of a vehicle. The pistons of an engine transfer their power to a set of gea... Read More »

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How to Remove the Rear Drive Shaft From a Subaru All Wheel Drive?

Removing the rear drive shaft or propeller shaft from your all-wheel-drive Subaru may vary depending on the model, but the basic system is the same across the Subaru line. The all-wheel-drive syste... Read More »

Shaft Drive vs. Belt Drive?

All motorcycles use one of three technologies to transfer power from the engine to the back wheel: chain drive, belt drive or shaft drive. Chain-drive has been around as long as the motorcycle has.... Read More »

How to Remove an ATV Drive Shaft?

When the transmission fails or if a bushing goes out on your ATV, you need to remove the drive shaft in order to repair the four-wheeler. The drive shaft is the main shaft connected to the transmis... Read More »

Can You Have a Drive Shaft Balanced?

A driveshaft transfers the force created by the engine to the drive wheels. Driveshafts can become out of balance, which may cause a number of problems both in terms of mechanical soundness and dri... Read More »