What Is a Credit Application?

Answer A credit application is a questionnaire that a lender or business will require you to complete before lending you money or extending credit to you. Credit applications are customary when you're try... Read More »

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What Is on a Credit Card Application?

Credit card applications allow a creditor to determine whether or not to issue a person credit. Companies review applications and determine your ability to pay along with your past credit history.... Read More »

What are credit references on a rental application?

A list of credit references on a rental application provides supplemental information about an applicant's finances that a landlord takes into account when deciding to approve a lease.FeaturesA typ... Read More »

What is a trade reference on a credit application?

A trade reference is most often a supplier that can vouch for the credit worthiness of a business. Credit Guru notes that good trade references are important when building business credit because s... Read More »

What is the impact of steady employment on a credit application?

One of the things a lender looks at when it processes credit applications is the length of the borrower's employment. Many employers like to see two years of employment. The longer the history of e... Read More »