What Is a Crankshaft Sensor?

Answer A crankshaft position sensor is standard equipment on almost all electronically fuel injected vehicles and gives the computer vital real-time information. Crankshaft position sensors are almost alw... Read More »

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Crankshaft Sensor Problems?

Crankshaft sensors, also called crankshaft position sensors, are part of a car's sensor system that provide impulses to the on-board computer relating engine information to keep the vehicle functio... Read More »

Crankshaft Sensor Removal?

A crankshaft position sensor detects and reports crankshaft speed and position to the engine computer when the vehicle misfires or runs incorrectly. When the sensor cannot detect a logical pattern... Read More »

How to Know If a Crankshaft Position Sensor Is Bad?

Crankshaft position sensors are essentially super-accurate tachometers, responsible not only for telling the computer how fast the engine spins, but also exactly where the crankshaft is positioned ... Read More »

How to Locate My S-10 Crankshaft Sensor?

The Chevy S-10 pickup and the S-10 Blazer SUV were equipped with a crankshaft position sensor that the on-board computer uses to trigger and synchronize the ignition and fuel-injection systems. As ... Read More »