What Is a Coolant Pump?

Answer Internal combustion engines constantly burn gasoline and send most of the residual heat from that process out of the car through the exhaust system. The engine needs heat to propel the vehicle and ... Read More »

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Are a water pump&a coolant pump the same thing?

A water pump and a coolant pump are the same thing. The water pump moves the coolant into the engine and the radiator. The mechanism is located at the front of the engine.References:Auto Zone: Glos... Read More »

How to Fix a Water Pump that is Leaking Coolant?

The water pump functions as the heart of the cooling system. The impeller blades within the pump drive the water by force through all of the engine passages, into the radiator, and back again throu... Read More »

How to Remove the Coolant Pump of a 99 Jetta Glx 2.8 6Cyl. AAA?

The Jetta is a small family car that Volkswagen has manufactured since 1979, and the third generation of this series includes the 1993 through 1999 models. The GL trim level for the 1999 Jetta feat... Read More »

I cant decide between the one touch ping pump or the minimed paradigm veo pump from medtronic?

They both look like very nice pumps. I have been using a pump for over just 10 years now, you will love it! The pump I have now is the Minimed Paradigm 722, using for over 5 years. Either way I ... Read More »