What Is a Company Car Worth in Income?

Answer Employers often provide employees with a variety of benefits besides cash income, such as company cars that employees may use for personal reasons. Any form of non-cash compensation that an employe... Read More »

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What happens when I win my law suit against the company were I was hurt and I am on social security diability income Do I loose it or can I combine the two incomes what happens to my ssdi income?

AnswerTry searching the Social Security webiste here would be considered a secondary payer and would have to have an EOB from the primary company before... Read More »

If one received a financial compensation for loss of limb from an insurance company is that money taxable and should it be included as income for income tax in Ontario Canada?

That is going to depend on your destination. For example, if you are flying into the United States you could opt to get travel insurance from American Visitors Insurance, a well known travelers' he... Read More »

What would cause company to have a big decrease in deferred income taxes on their annual report?

Deferred income taxes are generally a liability. More than likely, they accrued the taxes last period (recorded them on the books in advance of payment), and didn't pay them until this period, res... Read More »

How much is Ford Motor Company worth?

The Ford Motor Company is estimated at a value of 11 billion dollars (as of August 2009).Source:Ford Motor Company Information