What Is a Co-Signed Bail Bond?

Answer A co-signed bail bond is what a relative or friend of someone who has been arrested must sign in order to bail out the defendant. The person who signs is considered the co-signer to the bail.

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What is collateral for a bail bond?

A bail bond company may require collateral (something of value) to guarantee that a defendant will show up in court. The most common forms of bail bond collateral are real estate and cash. Once a c... Read More »

What is the purpose of a bail bond?

A bail bond is a contractual agreement between a bail agent and an individual who posts a bond. The contract stipulates that the defendant (the person being released from jail) is obligated to atte... Read More »

What Is an Arizona Bail Bond?

Bail bonds are legally binding, written promises, held by the court to ensure someone who has been arrested and released returns to court at the specified date and time for a trial.

What is the bail bond process?

The purpose of bail is to allow the release of a criminal defendant from jail while guaranteeing his appearance later in court. Bail is not applicable to all criminal defendants and charges.Bail Bo... Read More »