What Is a Character Sketch?

Answer A character sketch is a brief introduction with basic information that creates a mental image. Writing a character sketch is about asking and answering specific questions without giving too much d... Read More »

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How to Write a Character Sketch?

Ever wanted to write a book/novel/manga but didn't know how to develop your characters? We'll show you!

What Are the Five Questions for a Character Sketch?

A character sketch can be about a real person or a fictional character. To write a good character sketch, keep your readers in mind. Ideally, your readers should feel that they have come to know th... Read More »

Want a character sketch of Jane Eyre?

YES! give me a life sketch of Jane Eyre

What is the character sketch of caius Cassius?

CassiusGaius Cassius Longinus (flourished 53-42 bc), Roman general and one of the assassins of Julius Caesar. Cassius distinguished himself in the war against the Parthians (53-51 bc). In 49 bc, he... Read More »