What Is a Camshaft Thrust Button?

Answer A camshaft thrust button is one of those little parts that you'll often find in newer engines, but it may not be familiar to mechanics who are used to working on older engines. Camshaft buttons don... Read More »

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Difference between derated thrust and assumed thrust?

Assumed is the temperature used to calculate the new, derated thrust. When full engine power is not needed for take-off, the pilot can use reduced thrust for a number of reasons, including safety ... Read More »

What Is a Thrust Washer?

Thrust washers can be found in almost every appliance, machine, transportation conveyance, power tool, and recreational device that has moving parts, axles, bolts, pins, bearings, and rotating comp... Read More »

What Is Thrust Alignment?

A thrust alignment is an adjustment of suspension components on a car with an adjustable rear axle. A thrust alignment centers the rear wheels so a vehicle tracks down the road in a straight line.F... Read More »

What Is a Thrust Angle Alignment?

One alignment problem that can happen with passenger vehicles is an incorrect thrust angle of the rear tires. This often comes as a result of an accident or other impact that bends the rear axle.