What Is a Breaker Point Gap?

Answer Breaker point ignition was the only ignition system used by auto manufacturers for decades. Mechanical motions in the distributor provided spark to the plugs and altered ignition timing to meet eng... Read More »

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What is contact breaker point?

Answer If you are talking about points and condensor for your automobile they are located inside of your distributor located on you motor.

Is it safe to turn the breaker on and use my microwave The breaker tripped after a light bulb broke.?

well now you're going to split a couple of protons and then create a black hole and then we're going to get sucked in, all cuz you couldn't eat your freaking food cold like the rest of us!!!THANKS ... Read More »

Why petrol has low flash point and high auto ignition point than diesel?

the higher self ignition temperature of the petrol is due to the low density than the diesel. as density = pressure / (R* temperature) R= universal gas constant. ex. hydrogen (gas) has density ... Read More »

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