What Is a Biodegradable Peat Pot?

Answer Biodegradable has become a term of concern as people become more aware of how much of our trash ends up in landfills and then in the oceans. Biodegradable means simply that a material will decompos... Read More »

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Is peat moss the same thing as peat humus in a garden?

Peat humus is a more fully decomposed version of peat moss, in which none of the organic material is identifiable. Peat moss is best for aerating and binding sticky and loose soils, while peat hum... Read More »

Are peat moss&peat mulch the same thing in a garden?

Peat moss and peat mulch are not the same in gardening. Peat moss is created from dried moss. Peat mulch is made up of cattails, reeds, sedges and other water plants. Peat mulch needs to be kept mo... Read More »

What does non-biodegradable mean?

Non-biodegradable means that a substance can't be broken down into smaller components in the environment by natural processes. Examples include aluminum cans, silver foil, plastics, glass, DDT and ... Read More »

Are all paintballs biodegradable?

Paintballs are all made of entirely biodegradable materials, according to They are non-toxic and non-staining, as well. Paint residue will wash out in the laundry. Ingredients inc... Read More »