What Is a Battery Adapter?

Answer A battery is a type of power supply device capable of operating without a constant connection to a source of electricity. Batteries require a specific voltage type to function, which can be provide... Read More »

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What type of adapter do you need on airplanes for a laptop battery?

According to Seat Guru, airplanes typically offer three types of laptop power ports. The AC power port is compatible with the power cord that came with your laptop and requires no adapter. The ciga... Read More »

Does an AC adapter work with the battery in notebook computers?

An AC (alternating current) adapter is needed to work with the battery in notebook computers. Notebook computers recharge their battery using the energy provided when they're plugged in using the A... Read More »

Does Notebook power adapter wattage difference affect the battery?

Universal power adapters work with most laptops without having an adverse affect on the battery. Check the wattage requirements in the laptop user's guide against the adapter wattage as a double ch... Read More »

Will a universal ac adapter that says it is 1.5-12v up to 300ma be used to charge a portable DVD player that uses a 9 v1.5 a battery?