What Is a 100 Percent Vested Retirement Plan?

Answer Retirement plans consist of two money sources: money you deposit and money your employer contributes on your behalf. Employers use their contributions as an incentive for employees to remain with ... Read More »

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What is a 100% vested retirement plan?

As “vested” refers to ownership, a 100-percent vested retirement plan is one in which the investor has complete ownership. While employer matching funds usually vest over a period of time and ... Read More »

If coverage under a company plan pays 50 percent for root canal and crowns can you get a supplemental plan that covers part or all of the other 50 percent?

Answer I have not seen a supplemental policy that would cover the difference. If you did happen to be lucky enough to find such a policy that would, make sure there is not a limitation for a "pre-e... Read More »

Is a 401(k) a vested retirement fund?

You are immediately vesting in your own contributions to a 401k plan, which means if you leave your job you can keep your contributions. However, companies may require you to work for several years... Read More »

Vested Rights for Retirement?

Vesting refers to the amount of your retirement benefits you own. The Department of Labor outlines some basic rules retirement plan sponsors must follow. Generally, there are two allowable vesting ... Read More »