What Is Wrong if My Kodak Printer Has Purple Hues When Printing Photographs?

Answer When your Kodak printer is printing images with the wrong color cast, several different things can be wrong with it. However, they all lead to the same essential problem: the printer does not know ... Read More »

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My printer (Kodak ESP C310) is printing the wrong colors, how do I fix it?

Hi, Sound like it's the print head problem try to replace it also check that the cartridges have the colors separated from each other. PS:- Those are not a cartridges those are just an ink tanks...

Printer jams when printing photographs?

If you have the kind of printer where the paper goes through and turns around, ending up on top of where it started, thicker paper like photo paper can get stuck as it turns around. Try thinner ph... Read More »

Someething is wrong with my printer! All ink cartridges are full yet when i'm printing...?

Clean the head with a cotton bud soaked in isopropyl alcohol NEVER USE WATER clean the copper end of the cartridge in the same manner allow to dry thoroughly and replace you can get isopropyl alcoh... Read More »

My printer is printing wrong colors?

The cartridge may be half full, of blue and yellow only. You are out of magenta ink. You will need to replace the cartridge to continue printing the proper colors.A tri color cartridge doesnot us... Read More »