What Is Wrong With My Foot, It Hurts Really Bad PLEASE HELP!!?

Answer The foot has many small bones and they can get fractured. I know this from experience. Foot fractures, no matter how small need to be taken care of! The foot is one of the most complicated places t... Read More »

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My foot hurts. What is wrong with it?

It sounds to me like Plantar Fasciitis. Try muscles stretches and better footwear.P.S. I don't have a goddamn clue what's wrong with your foot. Go to a doctor.

Foot pain in arches, ball of foot, and toes. What wrong with my feet?

Maybe your feet are telling you that it's time to take a rest.Why don't you give that a try, and see if the pain recedes?

My foot hurts what should I do?

You shouldn't bite it when you stick it in your mouth.

My foot really hurts?

I would definately check it out... Seems like a sever sprained ankle but considering its bruised as well - might be a fracture! Check it out with your GP and ask for his opinion :) If it is really ... Read More »