What Is Virtual Memory in Linux?

Answer Virtual memory is a memory management technique used by Linux to manage memory space spread over multiple hardware devices, such as RAM or hard drives.

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Can I Install Linux on Virtual PC?

Microsoft's Virtual Machine software was designed to run older versions of Windows operating systems, but will also work with most Linux distributions. Compatibility depends on the distribution's s... Read More »

I cant log in to my linux virtual terminal.?

No, the virtual terminals use the same /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow files as do the GUI logins.You must have typed the user name or password incorrectly.Try creating another user for testing purpose... Read More »

Does a virtual pc support linux?

Microsoft's Virtual PC allows a user to install multiple operating systems on one computer. Microsoft created the program to allow users to run older versions of Windows on a Vista or Windows 7 com... Read More »

Can you load Mac or Linux on a Microsoft virtual PC?

The version of Microsoft's Virtual PC that comes with Windows 7 is only used to run Windows XP. Older versions prior to the 2007 version will run some versions of Linux, but no version of Microsoft... Read More »