What Is Veneer Plywood?

Answer A sheet of veneer plywood consists of thin sheets of wood stacked and glued together to form a single sheet. Veneer layers feature alternating grain pattern directions, which produces a stronger pl... Read More »

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How to Cut Veneer Plywood?

The process of veneering is not a new one; it was practiced in ancient Egypt, where it was used it to create furniture and cases for mummies. The practice spread next to ancient Rome, China, Greece... Read More »

Can you make flooring from veneer plywood?

It is possible to make flooring from veneer plywood. Creative finishing treatments include painting, faux designs, varnishing or application of a decorative veneer. Select manufacturers produce ven... Read More »

How does bamboo plywood compare with ordinary plywood?

I work at Dixie Plywood in orlando florida. We are a pretty well known lumber supplier and my boss knows waay way too much about differnt types of wood and the benefits of each. We can special ord... Read More »

What is veneer used for?

Wood veneers are typically used for decorative purposes on furniture, cabinetry and millwork. They consist of wood that is sliced thinly with or without a backing. The backing is made of either fle... Read More »