What Is This Fan-Like Thing in the Apartment Bathroom?

Answer An exhaust fan is an essential component that provides ventilation for a bathroom. Without a fan, the room may be more susceptible to odors and a host of other problems that can arise, including mo... Read More »

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What is this blister like thing on my ear?

Piercings that go through ear cartilage and not just skin take 1 full year to fully heal and only if treated properly for the whole healing period. The jewelry should not be changed on an unhealed... Read More »

Can anyone help me deal with this horrible "low frequency" like noise/vibration in my apartment?

You might want to contact a sound expert yourself, even if it costs you a few dollars. Hopefully, you can get to the bottom of it. Have any of your neighbors experienced the same problem?

What is this box like thing that I found inside my stove (pic included) included)?

its a voltage transformer probably a step down It takes high voltage and steps it down to a lower voltage example 220vac on the primary winding, (incoming) and a 24 vac to the secondary (output)

I feel like I'm getting plaque tonight. Is this a good or bad thing?

it's a good thing. it protects you from reporters..