How to Be a Retro Popcore Dork?

Answer Did you just come here because you didn't know what a RPxC Dork was? Thats okay, I'll tell you! A Retro Popcore Dork, RPxC Dork, or RetroDork, is a unique subculture, with few followers. It's style... Read More »

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Why is your brother a dork?

Boys take a long time to mature, so give it time and he may improve. If he doesn't, try to be nicer to him and see if it has a positive effect.

I'm a dork. What's a wireless router for?

In short, here's what a wireless router does.The Internet connection comes through your wall and goes into either a router (if you have multiple computers) or goes straight into your computer curre... Read More »

How to Stop Looking Like a Dork (for Men)?

Ready to break away from World of Warcraft and find out how the other half lives? Here are a few simple steps to help you blend right in -- and maybe even catch the eye of some lucky lady.

How to Change from a Dork to a Popular Person?

You need to have a good, positive Rep. Be nice and have the most fun being you!