Does Arizona have a state tax?

Answer The state of Arizona has an income tax. As of the tax year 2009, the personal income tax rate in Arizona ranged from 2.59 percent for income under $10,000 to 4.54 percent for income over $150,000.S... Read More »

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What is the credit score limit to finance a home in Arizona?

Mortgage lenders in Arizona or any state consider more than credit score to underwrite a loan, including income, debt-to-income ratio and assets. A borrower with a credit score under 620 may need t... Read More »

When is Arizona's state income tax due?

Residents of Arizona must file their state income taxes by April 15th, unless April 15th falls on a Saturday or Sunday. In that case, the income taxes are due on the next business day.Source:State ... Read More »

How can I get in-state tuition for Arizona?

live in az for a year...or just lie and say you have lived there

How to Check on an Arizona State Tax Refund?

Arizona imposes a state income tax. After you file your income tax, the Arizona State Department of Revenue allows you to check the status of your refund online. You can only check the status of Ar... Read More »