What Is The Name Of The Drug That Everyone Is Smoking (and is legal in the US)?

Answer OMG, ewww! Smoking is so unhealthy for you. Try meth instead!

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After smoking marijuna,How long does the drug stay in the system, before you can take a drug test?

It depends on the type of drug test- it can show up in your hair fr a while- longer than it shows up in your urine. Too bad you didn't think about this before you took a hit. Perhaps you shouldn'... Read More »

How can smoking alcohol and drug lead to underage pregnancy?

When you are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol you tend to do things you wouldn't normally do. If you are using as a teenager, chances are you are just trying to fit in with the crowd. If... Read More »

Will second hand marijuna smoking show up on a drug test?

If you were around people in a closed invironment smoking pot, would that show up on a drug test?

Absolutely NOT. Trust me, I know. These people saying yes obviously have never been in this situation. I live with a chronic smoker and we both take regular tests by a clinic once a week. The ... Read More »