What Is The First Thing You Look For When You Go On A YouTube Channel?

Answer The back button! Most of them are absolutely the stupidest videos I have ever seen. I'd rather watch my neighbors home movies.

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When you have gestational diabetes what is the best thing to eat first thing in morning Help?

Carbohydrates quickly turn to glucose (sugar) in the blood. Porridge is high in carbohydrates. Crackers are high in carbohydrates. Bread and peanut butter are high in carbohydrates. Higher fasting ... Read More »

Why does it say on youtube when i try to update my channel: Please check the channel description?

YouTube does not permit any HTML, VB or IMG codes in descriptions,messages, emails, or comments. As such, there are several symbolsand characters from among # % ^ * = { } [ ] | / \ < > that can't b... Read More »

Can you Look at my YouTube Channel?

I watched your last video it was pretty good i would say lol.Check out mine too, promise you won't regret it!My username is:BlackManTutorials