What Is Slippery Elm Good For?

Answer Slippery elm, also known as Ulmus fulva, is an herbal remedy prescribed by naturopathic doctors for a variety of ailments. According to the Mayo Clinic, slippery elm helps the body by coating the t... Read More »

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What is Slippery Elm Bark?

The slippery elm tree is native to the Eastern and Central United States and Eastern Canada. The tree's dried and powdered inner bark is used in traditional herbal medicine. Does th... Read More »

What can you do about slippery paths?

Typically the slim is caused by mold , mildews and algae There is a product that is 100% all natural called mold muncher . find it at www.fiftyfiftycorp.cpm click on natures product and look for mo... Read More »

What do I put on slippery hardwood stairs?

There a number of options for fixing slippery hardwood stairs. One option is to coat the stairs with a clear, anti-slipping treatment, which is available at many paint stores. Another option is to ... Read More »

What is the scientific name of slippery elm trees?

According to North Carolina State University, the scientific name of the slippery elm is Ulmus rubra. The tree is a deciduous rapid-grower that reaches 40 to 60 feet and requires sun as well as moi... Read More »