What Is Shampoo Used for?

Answer Shampoo is a product used for hair care and maintenance. Although shampoo was once considered a luxury, the product is widely available and pretty much a shower essential in the United States today... Read More »

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What Is Nizoral Shampoo Used For?

Nizoral shampoo is used to treat a condition called dandruff. Dandruff is a very common chronic scalp problem in which the skin of the scalp flakes off, resulting in itchiness and general discomfor... Read More »

Has anyone ever used a shampoo BAR?

I've used (and loved) shampoo bars. I particularly love those made by Lush as they are all-natural and make my hair feel and look its best. They lather well, and smell yummy!The shampoo bars from L... Read More »

Why is propylene glycol used in shampoo?

Propylene glycol, a chemical produced by the reaction between water and propylene oxide, is used in thousands of cosmetic applications in its pharmaceutical-grade form. It causes the foaming action... Read More »

Is potassium hydroxide used in the formulation of shampoo?

Potassium hydroxide (also known as caustic potash) is a white solid compound used in the formulation of most shampoos. The process involves diluting this compound to control the pH in shampoo. Pota... Read More »