What Is Sewer Gas & Can It Blow up a House?

Answer In the early 20th century, sewer gas was greatly feared by homeowners, many of whom believed it could introduce germs into the house that would cause disease. Nowadays people know that sewer gas is... Read More »

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Why would your house smell like sewer?

because if we are not provide u trap in drain line other wise battle value inside the trap

Why would your house smell like sewer whenever you run the washer or dishwasher?

Answer 1 I suspect that you have a "p" trap in either a floor drain, or possible the laundry tub or a sink somewhere in the house.If you look under the kitchen sink, or a lavatory in the bathroom y... Read More »

Why don't you want your house to blow up?

Because it would destroy your home, your possessions, and you.

What would cause light bulbs to blow frequently in an old house?

Install a dimmer on the one that blows the most often and use it between 50% and 75% capacity for a while; see if it lasts any longer: If it does, then your problem is either over-voltage or over-h... Read More »