What Is SSL Support?

Answer Web servers featuring SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) support encrypt all communications between the server and its clients. The SSL protocol works with Web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox a... Read More »

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What does support for support mean on instagram ?

Basically it is an internet slang that means "you support my site and I'll support yours".For instance, you promote and post good things about their site and they will do the same for you with the ... Read More »

Issue with BitDefender Antivirus and Customer support ignoring my support ticket.?

first get ur money back right away, ask for refund or have ur credit card get it back, mind does, 1 thing can't give the right advice without more details on ur what bard of com. what operating sys... Read More »

My partner is on life support after a motorbike accident can anyone give me advice and support?

You just have to be there for your partner,that's all you can do.Be strong and brave.

How do courts determine how much support a man pays for another child by a different woman for support?

The family with the older child[ren] gets the full percentage of net income. The family with the younger child[ren] gets a percentage of net income after subtracting payments ordered and being made... Read More »