What Is SCFM on an Air Compressor?

Answer SCFM, an acronym that stands for standard cubic feet per minute, is a specification that indicates the volume of air an air compressor can provide at a certain pressure.

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What is an SCFM air compressor?

The acronym SCFM, when used with air-compressor equipment, means standard cubic feet per minute, which relates to the equipment's capacity for output and delivery of air at nominal temperature, pre... Read More »

What Is SCFM Compared to CFM in an Air Compressor?

Cubic feet per minute (CFM) and pounds per square inch (psi) are the key metrics in evaluating an air compressor. The factors governing performance are usually the horsepower of the motor or engine... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between a Regular AC Compressor & an OEM Compressor?

The difference between a regular compressor and an OEM compressor lies in the manufacturer of the part. A "regular" compressor could be made by any manufacturer while an OEM compressor (or any othe... Read More »

How to Convert ACFM to SCFM on a Calculator?

When rating the gas flow capacity of pressurized equipment such as air compressors, you should use the standard cubic foot per minute (SCFM). SCFM is a commonly-accepted national standard based on ... Read More »