What Is Responsible Debt Release?

Answer Responsible Debt Relief is a system that precisely measures and estimates debt repayment capability and consumer debt capacity. The results of an algorithmic formula allow the classification of con... Read More »

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Am I Responsible for My Roommate's Debt?

Creditors cannot hold you responsible for a roommate's debt---unless you share legal responsibility for the debt. There are certain situations in which one roommate is held responsible for debts an... Read More »

Is a spouse responsible for debt?

On One Hand: In Some Cases, YesA spouse is responsible for debt if he or she is a joint holder on the account in question. If the couple lives in a community property state, such as Arizona or Cali... Read More »

Are you responsible for your siblings debt?

You are not responsible for your sibling's debt unless you co-signed and agreed to be responsible for it. If you co-sign for a debt and the primary borrower doesn't pay then you will be held respon... Read More »

Who is responsible for a deceased person's debt?

The executor of the estate, as named in the will, is responsible for paying a deceased person's debt. In the absence of a will, the spouse is responsible, in many states. If there is neither a will... Read More »