What Is Rear Differential Service?

Answer Rear differential service is a scheduled maintenance item that involves draining and refilling the gear oil housed in the differential. The rear differential is responsible for transferring power t... Read More »

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What is a rear end differential?

The rear end differential is the part of a motor vehicle that accepts mechanical power from the drive shaft, changes the direction of rotation to match the direction of travel, and transfers power ... Read More »

What Is Rear Differential Fluid for?

Rear differential fluid lubricates gears in the differential that allow the rear wheels to turn at different speeds while cornering. In all-wheel-drive vehicles, differential fluid is used in the t... Read More »

How to Add Fluid to a Rear Differential?

Differential gears on vehicles turn the angle of drive energy ninety degrees to rotate the wheels. These gears are housed inside a casing at the center of the rear axle, and you must remove the cas... Read More »

Signs of a Bad Rear Differential?

The rear differential is an integral part of your vehicle that transmits torque and rotation through shafts running the length of the automobile. The rear differential allows all four of the vehicl... Read More »